The World, as it could be!

Herbert Vollmann

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This book contains selected lectures from the series of publications of the Grail Message Foundation, Stuttgart. The subjects chosen are primarily of a topical nature, but also include some from past eras which are no less fascinating.

The main concern is to illustrate the importance of hte new knowledge of the Laws of Creation, and how these must be applied in early life in order to shape the world in which men live - as it could be: a kingdom of peace and joy!

May the application of this new knowledge of Creation enable us to recognise how wonderful is the activity in Creation which came into being through the Will of God.

Vomperberg, Tyrol, November 1970.
Herbert Vollmann

Informations complémentaires
Auteur Herbert Vollmann
ISBN 978-3-87860-052-7
Format 11.5 x 18 cm
Présentation Paperback
Langue English
Temps de livraison DE: 3-8 jours, d'autres pays: 5-30 jours