The Ten Commandments of God – The Lord’s Prayer (CD Audiobook)


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Here the Author opens up the Ten Commandments of God in their full meaning, embracing the entire life of man – as a help in the happening of our earth-life, and moreover for our entire existence beyond physical death, as a reliable guide-line for our whole life.

The Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer helps seeking humanity to grasp aright this "key to the Kingdom of God" in it's profound significance for mankind and in it the Message of Jesus.

Read more about the book "In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message" by Abd-ru-shin here:

Informations complémentaires
Auteur Abd-ru-shin
ISBN 978-3-87860-676-5
Présentation CD Audiobook
Langue English
Temps de livraison DE: 3-8 jours, d'autres pays: 5-30 jours