Companionship at the Deathbed

Various authors

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The texts of this Book offer down-to-earth life-support drawn from the Creation-Knowledge mediated in "The Grail Message" by Abd-ru-shin and from the contributors' personal practical experiences.

What do we experience just before death? How can we help at the point of death? What awaits us after death?

This book tells of gleanings from companionship at the deathbed, of the "incomparable experiences" hospice helpers had during their work.

Beyond this, it deals with the question of whether there is a life after death, to which it offers a surprisingly conclusive answer.

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Auteur Various authors
ISBN 978-3-87860-326-9
Présentation Paperbound
Langue English
Temps de livraison DE: 3-8 jours, d'autres pays: 5-30 jours