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A Book for the World

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A Book for the World

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DE: 3-8 Werktage, andere Länder: 5-30 Werktage

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Autor Stiftung Gralsbotschaft
Abmessungen 22 x 28 cm
Ausführung Brochure
Umfang 34
Sprache English
Lieferzeit DE: 3-8 Werktage, andere Länder: 5-30 Werktage

The Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” describes the most important connections within Creation. At the same time it imparts insights into what takes place between God and us human beings. Yet no scientific, philosophical or esoteric expositions need be expected. The Grail Message addresses the reader in strict consistency and in understandable language.

It is the author’s declared intention to lead the seeker in quest of knowledge back to God.

Therefore the Grail Message always addresses itself to the individual, regardless of his nationality or creed. It offers help by showing the way, because the fundamental change in spiritual orientation hoped for by many today can only arise on the basis of personal, independent thinking, examining and the ensuing recognition and conviction.